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 Know The Rules

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PostSubject: Know The Rules   Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:58 am

Know the rules. Broken rules = Broken clan (Or your banishment or suspension)

-Every player, upon joining, are told what lobby they are designated to play in playing in any other lobby other then the designated lobby WITHOUT
permission, will result in a kick from the clan.

-Every game is a good game. No hostile words toward clan members or toward other clans We are a team, we win together and lose together, It irritates people and destroys clan rep.

-Aborting is NOT TOLERATED unless it's a valid reason for leaving, GP is just a number, stay and take the loss.

-Glitching is NOT TOLERATED no excuses.

That's all, abide by those rules and everything will be just fine.

If there are any issues however, take it up with -=FATAL-FOX=- your leader or xRevolution your co-leader.

Fatal-Fox's PSN: Fatal-Fox

xRevolution's PSN: xAbsolute_Zero--


Head: Black Beret

Face: Coyote Brown Gas Mask

Upper Body: Black Shirt Long Or Short Sleeve

Lower Body: Desert Tiger Pants

Waist: Black Rat Patrol 01 Waistwear

Hands: Liquid Ocelot gloves

Feet: Tactical Boots & Knee Guards (Black) Type A
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Know The Rules
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